Wind energy


Investing in wind energy was an obvious choice for Kallista Energy Group.

Wind energy is the most competitive form of renewable energy in France.

In addition, there is considerable potential for development in this form of energy, as France has the second-highest wind speed in Europe.

Finally, there is still very little environmental impact from wind turbines:

  • wind is free;
  • the energy required to build a wind turbine is amortised between six months and one year;
  • no CO2 is emitted during operation;
  • little land is required, so that wind farms can co-exist with agriculture or forests;
  • no water consumption;
  • 98% of a wind turbine can be recycled.

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Other energy sources

Our group is constantly on the lookout for projects that combine performance, competitiveness and a low environmental impact. We take a long-term view, with the aim of achieving a competitively priced electricity generation capacity.