Our social & environmental responsibility

Kallista Energy is particularly conscious of the impacts of its activity. We have implemented indicators that enable us to monitor our development in line with respect for the environment and compliance with our values.



  • 5 environmental assessments realised in 2016
  • 30% of vehicles used for our work-related travel are hybrids or electric vehicles
  • 100% of head office staff use public transport or bikes to commute to work
  • Selective sorting of waste



  • Implementation of teleworking on Wednesdays for positions that allow it
  • Regular presentations in schools on the theme of renewable energy
  • Prevention of road hazards



  • The group’s executive management team is structured around a Steering Committee acting on a majority vote
  • Internal control is based on current practice within listed companies and is adapted to the permanent pursuit of efficiency and thoroughness
  • Strategic and budgetary rulings as well as all other major decisions (large contracts, external growth, development plans) are monitored by our Supervisory Boards, whose chairs and the majority of whose members come from outside Ardian Group and Kallista Energy Group. The role of the Supervisory Boards is not limited to control. The diverse nature of the expertise and proactivity of the members of the Boards is a valuable aid in decision-making.
  • The Supervisory Boards have established a Remuneration Committee made up of independent members, and an Audit Committee.

Some tangible actions

> Financing of a feeding station for Milan Royal (Red Kite)
> Sponsor of Biville-la-Baignarde football team
> Alzheimer home